Embark on a journey of optimum relaxation!

Before you take to the skies, step into our calm oasis and savour exclusive treatments that soothe your body, mind and soul.

Established in 2004, 02 Spa Personal Care Center welcomes all travelers to experience an instant sense of peace and tranquility, in a warm and welcoming ambiance, before their journey. Whether you are departing or simply in between destinations for a stopover, our therapies are exclusively designed for the traveler in mind to reduce fatigue and eliminate jet lag, leaving you feeling refreshed. Our entire range of services encompasses unique foot and back massages that boost relaxation that exceeds your expectations.

Conceptualized by Mr Hareb Lootah and managed by his daughter, Alia Hareb Lootah, we are part of an ambitious organization with several business ventures across a spectrum of industries in the region. Through an ambitious expansion strategy, our enduring vision is to cultivate a strong reputation as a distinctive massage center in the UAE and the Middle East. We strive to achieve excellence by combining the talents and skills of our staff to offer our clients the best quality of service. We dedicate time to train our professional staff to always ensure our customers benefit from a restorative experience in a blissful sanctuary. At 02 Spa Personal Care Center, our efficient therapists and signature treatments will help you arrive at a destination of pure healing with the perfect pre-flight treat!